Robots! Nazi! Mutants!

Robot! Nazi! Mutants!

Angesichts der Tatsache, dass man ihr nicht mal mehr auch nur die geringste stilistische Weiterentwicklung zugetraut hätte, war das Erstaunen um das Alterswerk von Rosamunde Pilcher nur umso größer


  1. From Outer Space?

  2. From Outer Space Hell!

  3. Yaaaay!!

  4. I saw that on the news and almost lagehud. Cindy is about to feel Nancy’s love. I will bet every dirty trick in the book will be used to defeat Cindy. The democrats will show what they really think of mothers of sons who died fighting for this country.Unfortunately I doubt Cindy could pull even 10% even in CA.

  5. Not necessarily but it does ceatre the illusion of more space. Timber flooring is a great option as you can throw down rugs in the living area to ceatre a different feel. Thats how my open plan house is done.

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