Scientific Marketing

Scientific Marketing

Der Niedergang von BMW begann, nachdem man gänzlich auf „Scientific Marketing“ gesetzt hatte.


  1. I appreciate how you start every hoilday early enough, that we have time to complete the projects – YEAH! I am hoping that you are getting geared up for St. Patty’s day – a BIG and GREEN day in our house! (Subway art, „frame word art“, cake pop labels etc.) We wake up to a scavengar hunt that Lucky Leprechaun left us. Lucky Charms for breakfast, green eggs and ham for lunch and ALL GREEN FOOD FOR DINNER (lime kool-aid,spinach pasta, jello. green fruits and veggies and green ice cream for dessert.

  2. Thanks representing writing this. I really deem as all the same I get so a lot extra regarding this than I did formerly. Your blog truly brought approximately equipment to happy that I never would have idea about formerly rendition it. You should maintain this, Im dependable on the whole people would agree youve got a gift.

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