Gut leben mit Holz

War verletzungsbedingt verhindert, jetzt geht’s aber wieder und deshalb hier auch wieder weiter. Und zwar mit einem Fundstück, das wahnsinnig zu nennen man nicht umhin kommt.



  1. Kalender, bei zunehmender Demenz im Suff geschrieben – das wird nix.

  2. klassische heimwerkermystik:

  3. OMG! There are more of them!

    (Den nächsten Bildwitz zeichne ich übrigens erst wieder zum nächsten Vollmond, da hält die Pointe ewig!)

  4. Soldiers will always be loyal to their leaders, and rightfully so. Civvies have no place offering opinions on matters we know not of. No amount of reading, or discussion with combat veterans can convey what they endure. We need to stop trying and just understand and appreciate their sacrifice. It is like one race trying to understand what it is like to be a different race. It just ain’t possible and it only leads to animosity. I certainly understand the points you were trying to convey in your original post and know they were meant in gratitude. I commend you for your grace in trying to handle this situation Stu. To our military personnel who took offense, cut the guy some slack, he’s on your side. I chose not to serve as well, and it is the one true regret I have in my life. You can chose to hate me and call me names if you like, but we all make decisions when we are young we might later regret.

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